When buying a business reducing business ownership risk is critical - Do you know how to reduce it by 50% - 65%?

Our Industry research demonstrates that buying an established profitable business or franchise will reduce business ownership failure by over 50% when compared to starting a new business. 

As a buyer you will have questions - Andrew Hahn has over 20 years of experience in this area and is ready and waiting to assist you. Whether you are buying a business for the first time or you’re an experienced business owner looking to expand your portfolio or buy out a competitor, Territory Business Sales' focus is to add value in this process and increase the success of business ownership for you.

Territory Business Sales utilise a professional, proven, step-by-step process designed to facilitate your business purchase.  We commence by working with you to understand your vision and define the outcomes you are seeking to achieve. Next, we guide you through choosing the type of business that reflects who you are, what you do best and offers the greatest opportunity for success. Buying the right business is critical to your desired success. Finally, we facilitate your purchase of the right business, while making sure you are guided with the appropriate legal, tax, business advisory & financial expertise to help you create long-term sustainability and profitability.


Why Buy An Existing Business?

When it comes to building a successful business, many entrepreneurs opt to purchase an existing business—and there are a variety of excellent reasons to do so.  Not only does it mean you can see how your new venture is performing prior to buying it, you also eliminate many of the risks associated with start-ups.   

There are numerous advantages to buying an existing business, including:

  • Immediate Cash Flow
  • Experienced Employees
  • Seller Training
  • Business Operating Systems
  • Established Customer Base and Referral Business
  • Established and Recognised Branding & Marketing Platforms
  • Established Suppliers and Credit
  • Greater Ease Accessing Financing
  • Possible Seller Financing


Making The Right Connections

You may have heard the saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”  When it comes to buying a business, Territory Business Sales believes your success hinges on both. Our research indicates that 70% or more of business sales within Australia occur without those businesses ever being advertised. That’s why we have developed a proven, strategic process to assist buyers in determining the type of business they want to purchase and connect them with business owners who are willing to sell to the “right” person. 

Territory Business Sales' discrete approach and powerful network has worked time and time again throughout a variety of industries.  This results in happy buyers and sellers who are both looking forward to their new endeavours.

If you’re thinking about buying a business, please contact us today for more information and to hear how we have helped many achieve their dreams of business ownership.